Monday, October 13, 2008


It was raining heavily when I reached home. I looked around and found that I have nothing to eat for dinner. Not sure where to go when it was raining cats and dogs outside. So I made my mind. Pick up the phone and call for pizza delivery.

Guess the queue is long and I waited for some time before it was my turn to place my order :

Call center person : Hi, how may I help you?
Me : Oh, Hi, I want to order a delivery.
Call center person : Oh, ok. May I have your phone number, please?
Call center person : Thanks. May I have your name please?
Call center person : Oh. Ok. Hold one for a moment....
And the line went dead.......tututututututu....
Me : Huh?????? I haven't place my order!!!!!!!! And you ask me to hold on and???????

Hmm........At that point, I really thought of eating something else but my stomach growled, was pleading to have mercy.....I craved for Pizza, something I have been planning to eat even before I left work that day. Oh well, I will call again.

Yeh...This time it was successful. Though I need to repeat everything I said previously to the first call centre person, but at least I would be getting my much anticipated pizza later that day :). This call centre person told me that if my pizza did not arrive in 30 minutes from the time I ordered (7:50pm), I will get coupon and a free regular pizza.

I was waiting anxiously, looking at the clock ticking away. Not that I wanted that free regular pizza but my stomach was really playing an 'orchestra'. When the clock strike 8:20pm, I really thought I am going to get that free pizza anyway when suddenly 'Ding Dong'......and YES, when I opened the door, I saw 2 uncles holding my soon-to-be dinner :) :) :). They were soaking wet though they had rain coat on. I thanked them and gave them a considerable good tip :). They told me that tonight's order were plenty, probably due to the rain. I kinda pity them but I guess to them, that is their job.

Seafood Delight

Veggie Fiesta
So I munched away in delight that night. Really satisfying. Yummy.........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Steamboat Buffet (Town Steamboat Restaurant)

Oh, where have I been missing :)? Actually I am still here at PG but was always tired after a full day of work and recently I have been trying to cook after work too. So when I am done for the day, it will be almost time to Zzzzzzz.

But am so happy. When I login, I still find fellow bloggers and dear friends who visited and left messages behind :). Thank you.

Well, the other day, YH took me to town to try out this buffet steamboat. When we reached, I was so surprised to see so so so so so many people. I see a sea of people there. Queuing up for their food, checking out new food etc etc.....

A huge place with so many people
Well, there were so many things to choose from. Dim Sum, Bak Kut Teh, vegetables, fish balls, seafood, marinated seafood, ice cream etc etc. So, if you think you are really hungry today and have a craving for all the food available for steamboat, do try out this outlet at Macalister Road.
A wide range of vegetables
Tomyam and clear soup
Satay anyone? many people
Fish balls (so many of them)
Nuggets, Fries, Fried wanton?? Anything you like?

Dim Sum
Well, wanna try this out? Tried it before and wish to try again? The price? Well, this was a brochure I found (the price list). Not sure if there is any changes so far :)........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Snow Ball Roll Roll Roll

I have not blogged for a long time already. Kinda busy recently. Saw this at Entertainment World blog. Feel that this is a good way to increase your PR. So, do support and start to this now :).

Start Copy

- Copy from Start Copy to End Copy and blog about it. You can write anything as you wish.
- Send me the blog’s name together with the URL. CLICK HERE to leave me a comment. I will add it in the master list. Please, NO porn site.
- Once added your link into the master list, I will let you know by leaving a comment on your site.
- Once you see my reply, please come back and copy the master list and paste in your blog. Ask your readers to do the same as you do as well.
- Come back often to get the updated master list. This is to ensure the one behind you will get the links as well.
- Let’s start the snow ball roll roll roll.

1. Entertainment World 2. BLOG it with ALLEN 3. My Mood My Feeling 4. Yummy Station 5. Lz aka limzhi 6. Zhi Yan Zi Yu 7. Somewhere in Singapore 8. Spymama 9. Life in the United States 10. Ling’s World 11. Life’s Roller Coaster 12. Life’s A Breeze 13. Life’s Roller Coaster - EJ 14. Chinese Song Lyrics 15. It’s my another new life~ 16. LifeLong Sharing 17. Echo from Physco 18. Almanac Queen 19. Caramel Corn 20. Sunny Side Up Foodie 21. Pleasure & Leisure

End Copy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mooncake = Piggy, Piggy = Mooncake

1 little, 2 little, 3 little piggies
4 little, 5 little, 6 little piggies
7 little, 8 little, 9 little piggies
10 little cute piggies........

Mooncake festival is coming soon and there are so many types of mooncake to choose from in the market. They are getting more and more expensive and talk about flavors, there are many variety too. I saw this pattern last week. They were so cute............6 piggies in a box. Didn't buy, just snap the photo secretly :).

Monday, August 18, 2008

The cartoon 'Me'

KonTse are really getting more and more creative in finding birthday present :). On my birthday, I received a very special present, a cartoon version of ME!

Ok, how is it? Nice or not? Looked like me or not? Ok ok.....closer shot.

So, what's the verdict? Pass or not? On the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being 'look very alike', how would you rate? Hmm....oh ya, gotta attached my picture here too, for comparison. Yeh, that's the actual me on the top right corner. I am not sure which picture they choose, just a wild guess. Thanks KonTse for the present. Love it :).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The sparkle in my eyes

I loved crystals. Loved to see its sparkled. So imagine how happy I am when I received this parcel. When I opened the box and saw this bracelet, I was a like a kid receiving her favourite lollipop. Only thing is that I don't put it into my mouth of course..:)...........

YH knew I have a penchant for crystals so he made this purchase online. It fits perfectly on my hand. Neither too long nor too short. It was a hand made Swarovski crystal beads bracelet and he chose the pattern and colour himself. I asked for the seller's address but he refused to tell me. Anyway, thanks to him :).

Friday, August 15, 2008

SG Pinang Fried Bee Hoon

I went to Sg Pinang again yesterday, a place famous for its Curry Mee. I have seen this stall selling fried bee hoon for sometime but I never had a chance to try it. Wanted to order it in all my other previous visits but at last some other cravings somehow 'crash' the plan :). So, yesterday I was very determined and yes, finally I have tried it. And how I will never regret it.

It looked like a normal plate of fried bee hoon but it was really nice. The uncle (owner of the stall) will deep fried the fish flesh and prawns as at when you place the order and so, when it was served, you will get a plate of hot, freshly fried meal. Imagine the sweetness of the fish, tasty bee hoon and crunchy prawns......hmm.......I think I exaggerated a little bit but I will definitely go back for this.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

I spot a PIGGY :)

Today I spot something I like. Was doing some tasks at work when my head goes blank. Was thinking too hard on something and suddenly found that nothing seems to be working. Searching for an answer but sometimes not even sure what is the question. Too many questions and sometimes not sure which one should I take care of first.

Ha ha, must be wondering what am I mumbling about. Well, back to first thing I wanted to say earlier. Yeh, I was tired of work so was planning to do some info searching at Google. Then I saw the Google logo today, it was a pig doing board jumping. So adorable. Sharing it here. Cute...cute right? Oink! Oink!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shop Online - Shop at

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Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Olympic

Been quite busy trying to pick up my jobs / tasks again after all these months. My colleagues and boss have been really helpful so far. But still, there are a lot of pending tasks to be completed.......tired......:)

Ok, not to focus on job today. There is another event which is much much more important and attention grabing going on. Yeh, the 2008 Olympic that falls on 08.08.08. I believe there are a lot of people who are watching the live telecast of the opening ceremony. I m one of them, updating my blog and watching the telecast at the same time. Keep this post simple, saw and learned the following from Dragon's blog. He will always try to grab the Google's logo whenever there are special occasions / festivals. I saw one today, none other than the one that represents 2008 Olympic, hosted by China :).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day of work........

Today I went back to work after several months of rest. Happy to be back to see familiar faces greeted me and asking me how I am now.

Met Dragon today too. He even treated me lunch :). So happy. Thanks ya, Dragon :).

But am tire now. Probably not getting used to be back to office after a long rest. Will start to pick up everything slowly and steadily now. Wishing that today is a good start for me. Papa even gave me an 'ang pow' (red packet) and wish me ' 开工大吉 ' (wishing me well on my first day of work).

Ok, will go and have a rest now. Very tired. Just wanna login and update this : I AM BACK AT WORK :).............

p/s : sorry, have not been visiting blogger friends and updating my blog regularly. Kinda busy last few days....but dun worry, will see u guys soon :)........

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is for you.....

Here’s a post about a simple lady,
Trying her hand at writing a story.

On the blog, Nuffnang's contest is seen visibly
Decided to try out, hopefully it's worthy.

First, from Realmart, I have to select a gift,
Then to decide whom shall I give.

Scratching my head almost the whole day,
Through endless choices, I searched my way,
Finally, Emergency Light, the gift that made my day

Dedicate it to dragon, a true friend I treasure,
Whose friendship no one can ever measure,
For he shines like a jewel during the darkest night,
Making every moment, every second ever so bright.

So, my fellow bloggers, what are you waiting for,
Click on Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest and check out more.

P/S : I want to take this opportunity to thanks dragon for introducing me to the world of blogging. From here, I got a chance to know lots of wonderful blogger friends........YES, it's YOU. To all of you, thanks for your continuous support :)......

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Cherished Memories

People said 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. For me, a picture captured my most cherished memories. It is like pausing the time at that very moment and captured everything into a picture. Like an external 'hard disk' that kept the memories in place since the space in my brain is kinda 'limited' :).

YH asked me to sort out our previous trip photos cause he wants to have it developed. Ever since owning a digital camera, we have never really get the hard copy into the photo album anymore. The most that we did was getting it downloaded and burned into CDs. Hmm....while going thru those photos, lots and lots of sweet memories came flooding back.

Mom and me on the way to Lake Tahoe
One of the stops at Lake Tahoe. A very beautiful place
YH and me at Sausalito
Snoopy Land (Santa Rosa - somewhere near to where YH was staying at that time)
One of the trees in Redwood Reserve
Reno - just like a mini Las Vegas
Lombard Street, SF
Bodega Bay
Fisherman's Wharf, SF
Palace of the Fine Arts. Hey, we were not taking off our shirt ok, just adjusting it for the next picture. Ha ha. This place is famous to the local folks as a place to take their wedding photos. Nice beautiful buildings around here.

Ok..ok, GET BACK! GET BACK! I am still stuck at San Frans..ha ha. Better continue my pictures sorting before YH get back and start to nag me on the project which I have delayed since last year :)............

Cisco Certification

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pay Day

Hmm, don't be mistaken. Not the pay day as in $$$$$$ but pay day as in paying what I owe earlier : TAG. Have 2 tags here. One from Anne and the other one from LimZhi

So, let's take a break from the Genting Highlands trip thingy and 'pay the TAG'

#1 : Tag from Anne
1. Six people to tag.-
- Ha ha, I won't tag anyone :)

2. Six things I'm passionate about.
- Shopping
- Traveling
- Eating
- Sleeping
- Talking with my family & friends
- Watching people...haha, weird or not? But it is interesting to watch people around us, the way the dress up, the way they talk, their attitude etc :)

3. Six things I say too often.
- Pu tong wor (I don't know)
- Hello hello...(talk a lot on the phone so mar a lot of hello hello everyday lor)
- Yes?
- Hmmmmm
- Thank you
- Wo (me - I refer to myself as me mar, so a lot of me in one day lor)

4. Six books I've read recently.
- Chicken Soup
- Singapore Ghost Story
- Health book
- Believe or not, I read a children book recently, forgot the title. Was standing in the children's section in the mall and finished reading a book :).
- Cannot remember (hey, not a book title lar, I mean I cannot remember what book I've read liao)

5. Six songs I can listen to again and again.
- No idea coz I liked to listen to Chinese songs. I can't really recall their title and even if I can recall, I don't know how to write in Chinese :). Ok, let me list English songs :
- Nothing's gonna change my love for you.
- emmm...ok ok, I gave up, I cannot recall...hmmm.....

6. Six things I learnt in the past year.
- Health is important, gotta take care of diet
- Family support is important
- Playing rubik cube (Ha ha, failed miserably but at least can get a layer done :))
- Blogging
- Eating bitter gourd (though I don't like it, but I tried to eat it. Hmm....still cannot accept the taste)
- Still I would say, take good care of your health..ha ha


#2 : Tag from LimZhi
1. Where is your cell phone? Err....not sure. Let me make a call to my cell phone. After 1 min : Oh, there inside my bag.
2. Your significant other? Dearest lor.......ha ha ha
3. Your hair? Black, growing lor. A lot of people see me and said, Wah, new fashion kar....
4. Your mother? Is a beautiful and lovely lady.
5. Your father? Is a handsome and funny man.
6. Your favorite thing? Too many things, wanna list one here, undecided, dunno which one to prioritize
7. Your dream last night? Good question. Cannot remember a thing, so what's the interpretation?
8 Your favorite drink? Coffee or tea.
9. Your dream/goal? To live happily
10. The room you’re in? Living room
11. Your hobby? Traveling, shopping, sleeping, eating....hmmmm repeating what I mentioned earlier in Anne's tag.....
12. Your fear? Getting tag again.....ha ha
13. Where do you want to be in 6 year? Here lor, on earth
14. What you’re not? Male :)
15. Muffins? They are sweet.
16. One of your wish list items? To live happily with my loved ones lor.
17. Where you grew up? Where as in State? Place? Emm...ok ok. General one, EARTH :)
18. The last thing you did? Copying the tag from Anne's and LimZhi's blog.
19. What are you wearing? Wah, luckily I m not in toilet, anyway, decent clothes lar.
20. Favorite gadget? Handphone
21. Your pets? None at this moment, got a lot of uninvited bugs that flies into my house. That one consider temporary pet or not?
22. Your computer? Is in good condition today.
23. Your mood? Happy but wondering when this tag will end :)
24. Missing someone? Hu hu hu.....yes yes.
25. Your car? Is fine today.
26. Something you’re not wearing? Shoe, cause inside the house now.
27. Favourite store? Too many......
28. Like someone? Yup
29. Your favorite color? Happy Color
30. When is the last time you laughed? This morning when I wake up.
31. Last time you cried? Eh......yawn a lot last night. Eyes got tears. Consider cry ar?

Ok, completed all the tags. last.....ha ha.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Genting Highlands Trip #2

Wow, am back finally. Hi, everyone :). So long didn't update this blog. Ok, back to the old story on my earlier trip :).

Was walking around First World Hotel when we saw this open performance by the Chinese acrobats. Am really amazed by the daring stunts they did and they way they bent their body........hmmm........speechless. This is the first time I was standing so near to the stage to watch them performed. Can even hear them counting.......

Manage to take some videos too, well enjoy :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thousand Apology

Hello all, for those whom may be coming looking for new post, I am sorry to disappoint you cause I will not be able to upload them for these few days. I came home to stay with my parents since last week (thought of staying with them for a few days before I start work) and I can hardly online here (we don't have streamyx over here). When on my lucky days (like today) when I am able to grab the line, it will be 'crawling' like a snail :(.

So will only be able to post new things and visit your site when I am back to Penang :). Before I got cut off again, I need to quickly upload this post :). Well, see you guys later ya (most probably next week) :).

Take care everyone :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Genting Highlands Trip #1 - Cable Car

For those who have been to Genting, you will know that there are 3 ways to reach Genting City, by car, by bus or by cable car aka sky liner.

Well, since there were too many of us that day so we gotta separate into 2 groups. I went up by car while my sis took the cable car. So, I past my camera to her knowing that the scenery from the cable car will be much much nicer.

So, here are some of the pics that my sis took. Thank sis...too many of them, can't post all, just pick a few to share here :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hello All...Am back. Where did I go? Went to KL to visit my sis and took my parents to Genting Highlands. Am really tired but wanted to post something here :)

When you cruise along the highway / expressway, do you take notice of the billboard? If yes, do you really look at what is being advertised? Well, for me, when there is something interesting that catch my eyes, then I will look at those billboard.

Find that, nowadays, the advertisers are getting more and more innovative in order to get the attention of passer-by, consumers etc. Happened to spot those cute and eye-catching billboard when we were along one of the KL highways. Sorry ya, if those photos are not clear coz the sky is getting darker and darker (about to rain) at that time.

I saw this billboard first. Silly me, from far, I really thought someone is standing on top of the billboard :)
I know this is not clear but we were driving kinda fast so it is hard for me to take the pic. It was a bear on the top right side.

Well, we have the same sort of billboard in Penang too. Along the Jelutong expressway.

So, do you see this type of billboard? If yes, do share it ya :)