Friday, May 23, 2008

Curry Mee

In previous post, I wrote about Pan Mee. Today will be another type of noodle, Curry Mee. My father is an ardent fan of Curry Mee. Of course he is a fan to a lot of foods but he especially liked curry mee. If we go to new hawker centre and there happen to be one curry mee stall, he will definitely try it. But few curry mee has won over his heart though.

One that he liked is the Sg Pinang curry mee. Whenever we planned to go to PG, he will mentioned that place. I took mom and him to that place the other day and they both had curry mee. Mom don't really like curry mee but of all that she has tasted, she preferred the one there.

I didn't take Curry Mee. I took wan tan mee instead. The taste, so so only lor.......


Anne said...

== ur food is seducing me..........HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!T.T

Piggy said...

Yummy yummy :)