Friday, October 3, 2008

Steamboat Buffet (Town Steamboat Restaurant)

Oh, where have I been missing :)? Actually I am still here at PG but was always tired after a full day of work and recently I have been trying to cook after work too. So when I am done for the day, it will be almost time to Zzzzzzz.

But am so happy. When I login, I still find fellow bloggers and dear friends who visited and left messages behind :). Thank you.

Well, the other day, YH took me to town to try out this buffet steamboat. When we reached, I was so surprised to see so so so so so many people. I see a sea of people there. Queuing up for their food, checking out new food etc etc.....

A huge place with so many people
Well, there were so many things to choose from. Dim Sum, Bak Kut Teh, vegetables, fish balls, seafood, marinated seafood, ice cream etc etc. So, if you think you are really hungry today and have a craving for all the food available for steamboat, do try out this outlet at Macalister Road.
A wide range of vegetables
Tomyam and clear soup
Satay anyone? many people
Fish balls (so many of them)
Nuggets, Fries, Fried wanton?? Anything you like?

Dim Sum
Well, wanna try this out? Tried it before and wish to try again? The price? Well, this was a brochure I found (the price list). Not sure if there is any changes so far :)........


Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, for me, I seldom went to steamboat, coz everytime I went to there, sure will have sore throat later on...

Constance Chan said...

welcome back. wow this one looks great. next time if i come back to penang i want to try it cos they have tomyam stock and the plain which is great for my girls. thanks for sharing...

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

buffet steamboat!!!!
The price quite reasonable.

Piggy said...

Akira : Is it? I think steamboat kinda heaty lor. As for me, when I go for buffet kinda thing, I will end up with bloated stomach....try to eat less but still end up feeling very very very full :)

constance : ya ya...if you come to PG, remember to try this out :)

jerome : the price consider reasonable lots of things to eat :).......that is why, always lots of people there :)

Dragon said...

i posted before about this. hehehe. i went there once. maybe next time can go again. :)

LZ said...

I'm drooling ady..can only try those food next year when I'm back home.. T.T

Hey Ling dear!! Dint visit you for long too! Sorry ya..still havent get my internet connection in house. After I got it I will pay you more frequent visits! ;)

Take care there~

Ailecgee said...

I'm glad your back PL! I was wondering what keeps you so busy. But of course work should be a priority and you must not tire yourself too much!

Those food look so yummy and filling!
I'm sure you and YH had a wonderful time. I wish I go there too someday!

Titan said...

look nice! Next time i go to penang, i will try this!

p/s a lot long time you not update your blog looooo leher pun panjang liao

Kikey Loo said...

i love steamboat a lot...

u missing for long time liao, finally u come back! miss you. :)

DebbieDana said...

Oh my, the foods look sooooooo yummy, mouth watering! And it looks like the prices are just right! I'm sure I wanna go there one day! :)

jepunlauee said...

yummy..must not forget to go there when I balik kampong...hehe..
anyway..welcome back..we miss you so much....hehehehe...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

so miss u, finally u're back...

One of these day i go PG, u bring me to the steamboat ya... keke...

K3ViN said...

how much per-head? look got alot of nice n yummy food :P

Chobits said...

Yeah~ Piggy is back, miss you, hehe~
Wa, so many people eat sure very tasty wan~ ^^
Sharon always want to visit you and Akira when she goes to Penang. XD She keeps on telling me she die die must go penang.

Piggy said...

lz : Hey, it is ok. I also long time didn't visit u and update blog liao :). Do take care :)

ailecgee : Yeh...been really tire after getting back to work. But will try to find the time to update and visit other's blog when I have the time :)

titan : Aiyo...dun leh. Dun let ur leher go panjang leh..later become giraffe leh....

kikey : Miss u too :)

debbiedana : Yup, they are nice. Do go there when you have the change to visit here ya...

jepunlauee : Hee hee...I miss u all too leh.....

somewhere in spore : ok ok......when u r here, we go there :)...ha ha...

k3vin : Can't really recall how much. But I think during the weekends, they charged RM19.90 for adults....

chobits : :)...miss u too. Dun die dun die....we will surely welcome her one :)

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