Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Monkeys?? No Way!!!

I studied in a non-coed missionary school from year 1 till form 5. During our secondary years, we girls sometimes act very roughly probably because there was no boys in our school, thus, no feeling of shyness etc. I still remembered how we used to sit on the floor during recess to have our meal, my sis and her gang loved to sit on the floor under the staircase, holding the plate of nasi lemak (oh, i miss that, it was very very nice) and chatting non-stop.

I was a prefect in school and I remembered one incident during school assembly (when I was in either secondary 4 or 5) which never failed to make me smile whenever I think about it. There was this session where our headmistress was lecturing non-stop to the whole assembly of students at the hall. Me as usual was walking up and down the aisle among the rows of students who was listening to the morning lecture (well this is what prefect normally do during assembly lor). I heard our headmistress complaining on how rough we are, how we crossed the road without looking properly (there is a bus stop opposite of our school), how we chose not to walk on the floor but prefered to walk on the benches :) etc etc. Then she angrily said something like.."perempuan tak macam perempuan, macam beruk!!! (girls not like girls, act like monkeys!!!)". Wow, the word strike me like lightening. Not that I m angry but I feel funny as how all of us were being referred to the 'permanent residents' of the Penang botanical garden (monkeys). I was trying to control my laughter until I bumped into a fellow prefect among the aisle. She has this surprised and puzzled look on her face and said "So, kita nie penjaga beruk lar (so we are the monkeys caretaker lar)". That is when I couldn't control my laughter anymore. We are a bunch of monkeys taking care of another bunch of monkeys. What a joke.........

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Housewives tale

I read in newspaper today that some children felt ashamed that they have a housewife mother as compared to their peers, whose mother is a profesional working mom. Actually, sometimes I find that being a housewife is not an easy thing also. Unless you have a maid that helps with house chores etc, else you will be working the whole day also. Imagine waking up early in the morning, preparing breakfast, going to the market, washing clothes, preparing lunch, cleaning the house, preparing dinner etc. It is not an easy task at all. Sometimes if you ask the housewife, the time they get to really spend on watching the television, may be less or equal to those working moms. But just because housewives didn't hold a business card like some working moms do, it doesn't mean that their role is much smaller or simpler.

With the advancement of technology, some housewives have already become a working mom, but instead of spending their time in office, they could just earn money in the comfort of their own home. That is what we call working at home. With internet connection and a computer, they could even be earning as much money as an average working mom does. There is so many ways to earn money online now. Look at the advertisement around us!! So nowadays, don't even think that housewives are the typical woman who only goes to the market, meeting the neighbours, talking about the previous day movie or gossiping about whose daughter or son got married etc. They could be the multitasking woman who not only keep the house in tip top condition but manage to earn a living by getting their fingers busy on the keyboard.

So, the next time a child is being asked about his/her mother's occupation, he/she can proudly said, "My mom is a housewife who blog profesionally"..beh tahan leh.....ha ha ha...........

Monday, April 28, 2008

Uneventful Yesterday

Since I still can't upload pictures to this blog, so gotta be satisfied to be able to online and put things into words. Better than nothing eventhough I know pictures will make it more colourful and interesting :)

Yesterday was scary for me. Actually felt tired for the last few days already. But will be ok after getting some rest. But yesterday the moment I woke up, feel that something was not right. Stomachache. I was in the toilet when I realized I hardly can breathe. Quickly came out and found myself breathing hard. Manage to see myself in the mirror and found that my lips turned white. Then I could feel everything around me is black. Managed to open my eyes and I could only see the rays of light that came in thru the glass door in the living room and all the black dots reflected from the floor. Quickly sit down and found myself sweating profusely. My father was asking me something which I could hardly find the strength to answer. Mom was asking me to do something in the kitchen and I was only able to wave my hand. Didn't want to alert them so I just sat quietly on the living room and trying to breath - hard. Could feel my shirt was wet due to the sweat. Luckily after a few minutes, I m ok and the sweating reduced as well. But still feel tired, shortness of breath and my back ache for a while. Anyway, things gradually became better by evening except for my stomach. Told YH about it and he said there could be few reasons. One, I don't have enough oxygen or my hemoglobin is low. I know one of the side effects is lower hemoglobin count but I have never encountered this previously. Although I did had shortness of breath but not to this extend. It was a Sunday so am not able to call the Dr also. Anyway, will ask him on my next visit. I m not sure if it was due to something that I have eaten.

Anyway, today I m feeling good. Try to do things slowly instead of rushing eg walking slowly. Getting up from sitting position slowly. Eating and drinking slowly (slower than normal if possible) etc. And I just had my favourite fish for lunch. Thought of taking the picture and posting it here but too bad. Anyway, there is a story that my father told me about the fish. Will update it here someday :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Karen Kong, Tai Sha

At first thought of uploading the photos of the vege and fruit juice that I have been taking daily but I m not sure what is wrong, I can't get the image uploaded properly. Once it was successful, I was suppose to hit the button 'Done' but I couldn't see the icon being displayed. And IE showed 'Done with error on page' :(. Tried a few times but still failed. So......will blog about something else.

Have you heard of a Malaysian singer Karen Kong? She has a very powerful voice. She is very well-known online before she actually came out with her Malay and Chinese album. Heard that she will be coming out with another Mandarin album soon. Well, if you haven't heard of her and have not listened to her songs before, you may visit her
website . There you can listen to her Mandarin songs, watch the latest published MTV and also view her first online concert. Nice :). Her latest song 'tai sha' is being played at MYFM too. She has her own way of delivering the song which was made popular about 15 years ago. Not bad........

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleepy Zzzzz

Have not been able to online for the whole day until now. Just came back from parents' home since I gotta visit the Dr tomorrow. I have now so many questions to ask him and mom keep reminding me just now.

Anyway, feel very sleepy now. Suppose to sleep after unpacking, but still wanna update my blog so login and post a short one.

Hope everything is ok tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Have not been online for the last few days. Couldn't logon to the net. So can't really update the blog.

There is something wrong today. Am not sure what is wrong but has been reflecting about life. Have been thinking what I want to do next. Not sure where am I heading actually. Do you experience this before? You know, wake up and then suddenly you don't really know what to do. Will be kinda down and will be thinking a lot about future, what you have been doing, what you want to do and what you will be doing? Thinking too much I guess.

Will be going to the hospital the day after tomorrow. Have a few questions to ask the Dr again. Am not sure the Dr is fed-up with me :). But he always ask me if I got anything to complain. And most of the time, I do.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A cocktail of fruits and vegetables

My colleagues presented me with a juicer before I start to go on leave :). At first, the juicer was only used to produced drink that consist of celery and green apples. Then we also try with oranges and carrot. All of them taste great. We then try to mix celery, green apples, oranges and carrot together. The taste is good too.

Soon my parents begin to join me to drink the juice. That is when we begin to put more variety of fruits and vege into the juicer. I heard and read that beet is good. So we begin to add beet. Earlier I used to eat raw cucumber but now we put it into the juicer too. Initially mom is a bit worried if putting all different types of fruits and vegetables will do me good, so on my visit to the hospital, I consulted the Dr. He said it is ok and actually asked me when I started to practice drinking healthy juice. I told him since I got sick. Well, he smiled and said, people don't usually take care of their health until they get true (as in my case). He actually suggested to put in ginger and garlic as well.

So, for one serving now, we actually put in green apple, red apple, carrot, celery, cucumber (occasionally), kiwi, orange, beet, tomato, bitter gourd (that is for my father). If you ask me what is it like, I will tell you, it's tasty and fresh. The latest addition is ginger (started today). But mom put in too much, so it tastes spicy. Gotta reduce it tomorrow.

Wish I can take the photos and publish here. I try to upload one someday. I m still a bit skeptical about garlic, not that I doubt the good things it can do to our body, but I m not sure if we can stand the smell. Hmm............

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Have problem with Freckle? Dark-spot?

My mom told me that some aunties from our neighbourhood told her that egg white is good to clear dark-spot and freckle. They basically apply egg white on their face that have those spots daily and let it dry before cleaning their face with water. I guess they are using it like mask. Those aunties also claim that they see significant improvement on their face after trying this method. They were complimenting on each others face actually. But am not sure where they learn this method from.

Well, I do have freckle on my face but I m not sure if I m convince enough to try this method. Mom asked me if I want to give it a try. Well, you wanna try? If you dare then try it on your own risk (no gurantee). But if you do see improvement, then tell me :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Short Story

I have always loved short stories or thought provoking pieces. I find them inspiring and could actually make you think and reflect on a certain things after you have read it. Sometimes was wondering how those authors came up with all those stories. Some I guess based on real life experience.

I chance upon this site while I m surfing,
'The Mind's Retreat'. It consists of quite a number of short stories and also interesting poems. Still haven't finish reading all its content but if you have time, you could pay a visit to the site. Can also read the collection to past time also. Who knows, one day you may publish your own short story........

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Vishu

There is a Sikh temple situated opposite of my grandparents' house. Today I saw a lot of people there. Those walking in and those inside the temple wore beautiful dresses. I saw ladies with colourful dress walking around and chanting happily with one another. Then I realized, the place looked so merry today because today is Tamil New Year.

Whenever I see people celebrating certain festivals, I always think about Chinese New Year. Though I feel that as I grow older, CNY may not be as merry as when I were a kid, but still I enjoy the preparation that was done before the actual day and also the public holiday that comes with it. I enjoy taking my parents to shop for goodies while listening to the CNY songs being belted out in the air, going to market to buy various type of food for steamboat (though I hate the price hike during that time) and planning with my mom on what to cook during CNY. But this year is quite different for me. I didn't go out and I miss those shopping that I have always loved. Probably next year, I can makeup for all those fun that I may have missed out :).

Anyway, for all Tamil folks out there, Happy Vishu......... :)

Making Promises

Have you ever wonder why people make promises and then break them? Are promises made, meant to be broken? But if you can't keep to your promise, why bother to make them in the first place. Why wanna hurt those people that you make your promise to?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

I just had my lunch. It is so late now. People should be having tea by now.
Didn't do much today. Clean the floor and has been lazing around the whole morning and afternoon. Watch a movie yesterday. Nice one. I didn't expect much from it. But after I've watched it, I was surprise I m still thinking about it until now.........
Even went online to check on some story plot which I don't understand.........*laugh*....
I realize that if I didn't publish this post and keep on dragging it, people would be having dinner already :)...........

Was chatting with Dragon. Found out something interesting from him...........I guess after knowing what he told me, I need LUCK. Lots of them. I m not sure if I m consider a lucky person or not........we'll see..........

Anyway, beautiful Sunday.......It's a beautiful day......hmm..hmm......i remember there is a song with this lyrics...can't recall the song though..........

Friday, April 11, 2008

My BLOG! My BLOG! My very own BLOG!

Hurray!!!!!! Finally i have a blog of my own. I know a lot of people blog these days but still for a first time blogger like me, there is still a feeling of happiness, excitement......kinda like owning a new property. Have always wanted to blog but just didn't get myself to register for one...but finally.......people said dun put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I have been putting it off long enough :)..........

Have been thinking of what to write on my first posting.......hmmm........I m happy today :)......I try to be happy everyday. I hope I m happy everyday also. After all life is short. Everyday when I wake up, I smile at the mirror. That will be a good way to start a day. Smile and the world will smile with you. Ha ha......hmmm.......why am I writing about happiness on my first posting? But I like it.........