Saturday, May 31, 2008


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Friday, May 30, 2008

Economy Noodle & 'Mua Chee'

I like economy noodle, especially economy bee hoon. Though, it is only a simple meal, but I like it. The other day, I had it for dinner. But found that now the economy noodle is no longer that economy anymore. We have to order the 'big' one because the normal one, the portion is so small, I m not sure which part of the stomach it will actually filled up. There is this stall selling economy noodle at Taman Sri Nibong in the evening till night. I like the one there and I remember I had to actually wait for more than half an hour once (coz so many people) to get 2 packets of economy bee hoon :).

Bee Hoon
Koay Teow
Bee Hoon + Instant Noodle

For dessert, we have Mua Chee. For those who may not know what mua chee is, it is made of steamed glutinous rice flour and then mix with nuts and sugar.

Well, the 'big' economy noodle cost us RM1.40 each but still the portion is normal only. Things are so expensive nowadays. With the price hike especially in food, sometimes I really wonder how the lower income family really survive. It must be tough for them...........

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poultry Farm

One of YH's uncle has a poultry farm rearing chicken. When I went to Ipoh last time, he invited us to his farm. I have never been to one before so it was quiet an experience. His uncle explained a lot of things to us. How the eggs were collected, how long before the chicks are ready to lay eggs, how they grade those eggs etc etc. I found out that those chicken are very clever :). They made a lot of noise whenever they sensed the machine distributing their food started to move.......

Those that already can lay eggs will be reared here. Do you see the eggs? His uncle and his workers collected those eggs row by row.

These are still consider little chicks. They are kept here until they are ready to lay eggs. Though they seemed big, they still made 'chip! chip! chip! sound :). Actually it is quiet scary when you see so many of them around you especially when they are walking behind you.
We spot this egg on the floor. It's transparent! Can you see the egg yolk?

Here's a clip of the chicken drinking the water :)

Before we went home, his uncle allowed us to collect our own choice of eggs as 'souvenirs' :). Had a wonderful evening that day......

Monday, May 26, 2008

My beloved *PIG* :)

When I was still studying, I used to burn the midnight oil. Not sure why, I couldn't do revision daily and I will always start to study only when exam is around. But sometimes I would just look at the book, then found out that my eyes were on the same line of text after 1 hour and the next thing I knew, I wake up with the books on my face :). Besides having sleeping as a hobby, I also loved to eat. My family and YH also acknowledged that :). That is why they liked to call me Pig.

Still remember that when I was in my secondary school and it was during exam period, my parents went shopping and came back with these 'pets'. They said they saw it and found that it looked like me wor.......

Cute or not?

PayPerPost (PPP)

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I first heard of payperpost (PPP) thru a friend of mine. He is the one who told me about this amazing site. And the reason I signed up with PPP is because I wanted to earn money thru blogging. There is a lot of things you can learn thru blogging. You not only get to write about your everyday life etc, you will get to know more people and friends, learn new things from other bloggers, share experiences and etc. Get connected with bloggers all around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Start blogging and get paid for it. Join PPP now and start experiencing the benefits it offers. Go to PPP site now and learn more about how you can get started.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Template

My blog has a new template today :). Actually I didn't plan to change the template coz I remember I told Dragon before that changing template is like changing the feng shui..ha ha. But then I need to coz with my previous template, I found out that whenever I add new things to the template, there will be problems with the alignment of the layout. Instead of adding new elements to the sidebar as intended, it will be shown at the bottom etc. YH helped to look but can't find out what is wrong. He tried with other template and it is working fine. So I guess there is some problem with my previous template.

I kinda like this new look :). Hopefully, things will get better and better :).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picture Uploading Problem

I have been trying to upload pictures for my blog since yesterday. But it still failed!!!!!! It keeps on telling me to 'Try Again'!!!!!!......Oh......I don't know how many times I have tried.......not sure what went wrong again.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Curry Mee

In previous post, I wrote about Pan Mee. Today will be another type of noodle, Curry Mee. My father is an ardent fan of Curry Mee. Of course he is a fan to a lot of foods but he especially liked curry mee. If we go to new hawker centre and there happen to be one curry mee stall, he will definitely try it. But few curry mee has won over his heart though.

One that he liked is the Sg Pinang curry mee. Whenever we planned to go to PG, he will mentioned that place. I took mom and him to that place the other day and they both had curry mee. Mom don't really like curry mee but of all that she has tasted, she preferred the one there.

I didn't take Curry Mee. I took wan tan mee instead. The taste, so so only lor.......

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pan Mee

Do u like pan mee? I know a lot of people loved to go to the Pan Mee stall near Bukit Jambul as it is quiet well-known.

Yesterday, when I was at hospital, I told the nurse I do not want to take hospital's food (I m being warded) so I told her I wanted to go out for lunch and will be back before my scheduled appointment. She allowed since I have already informed the Dr earlier and he said ok. After signing a form, YH took me to eat Pan Mee. Actually it is one of his favourites also but he liked Pan Mee where the noodle is being manually pinch piece by piece to be cooked rather than the normal ones that was put into a small machine.

Kinda of hard to find those in PG but he found one at Yee Hong. The Pan Mee is delicious also.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Father's Birthday

Yesterday was my father's birthday. We treated him to a seafood dinner since he liked seafood a lot. There was a place here that served nice seafood and I especially liked the location of the restaurant since it was near the sea. So besides having nice seafood, you can also enjoy the cool breeze and also a scenic view of the sea. The name of the restaurant : Hai Boey......

Watching the sun set while waiting for our food to be served. I have always loved the sea. So it is so relaxing to walk along the beach after placing the order

We ordered some of my father's favourite food. One of them was lobster. We get to choose the one we want from the tank and the waiter even allow us to take photo with it......

Shark Fin's soup
Young Long Beans

Broccoli with Scallop

Claypot Fish
Birthday Noodle
Plain Crab (Grilled)
Crab cooked with salted egg

A yummy dinner yesterday :)........The price RM449...........but glad that everyone is happy with the dinner....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ipoh Wan Tan Mee

YH loved Wan Tan Mee. When we go to Ipoh, he liked to go to one of the Wan Tan Mee stall at Taman Mas. Being a Penangite myself, I find that Ipoh Wan Tan Mee doesn't have the 'char siew' (BBQ pork) that I used to see in PG but they do offer more Wan Tan. YH have been a loyal customer to this Wan Tan Mee stall, around 20+ years already. From a small stall, it now has its own coffeeshop selling only Wan Tan Mee. The taste.....nice...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day this year

Yesterday was mother's day. Tried online yesterday but connection was really slow. Can't bring my mom out to celebrate and no gift for her either this year. Just get to wish her 'Happy mother's Day'. But I guess she is happy having me buzzzzz-ing her around the whole day :)........probably can have a belated celebration later......

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Adorable Mom

My mom was watching a Hong Kong movie on the tv while I m surfing when we had the conversation below today:

Mom : Ling, who is this guy liao ar? (refering to one of the actors in the movie)
Me moving the chair near the TV to catch a glimpse of the actor she is referring to...
Me : Oh, that is Bosco Wong.
Mom : Oh....Bosco Wong.
Me : Got gossip saying that he is going out with Myolie Wu.
Mom : I thought she goes out with Moses Chan?
Me : No lar, that one is Bernice Liu lar. I m saying Myolie Wu....
Mom : Oh..ya ya....mayonese
Me : No lar, Myolie lar.
Mom : Yalar...mayonese lar.......

Well, that was a conversation before lunch. Probably mom hungry kut...but then she never like mayonese wor...... :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hospital Visit (Continued.....)

Went to the hospital again today to have my jab. Not sure why, it was more painful today. Probably because I asked the nurse to do it on the same arm. She asked me if there is any side effects after taking the jab. Well yes. I have body ache and my back is painful yesterday night. The nurse said body ache is one of the known side effects. There are others but different people may encounter different things. And you know, that injection cost a few hundreds each. I had 2. The name of the medicine : Neupogen. Wanna know more about this medicine? Click on the name.........

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hospital Visit

Today I go to the hospital for blood test. I went last week but was advised to go again this week. So the result : my blood count is still low and I gotta take injections :(. And not only one, but 2. One today and one tomorrow. So need to go to hospital for injection again tomorrow :(.

My friend called me just now. She is doing her own business now. People said, if you wanna earn a lot of money, you to venture into your own business. It is not easy to manage a business, that is what I know from her. Gotta really worked hard and manage all the risk and competitions in the market. But, higher risk, higher return. Well, hope her business will flourish.......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Special Day & Piggy's Picture

Today is a special day for us. Hee hee. May 6th. Hope to happily celebrate this day every year :).

I have been searching for a nice Pig's photos to be uploaded as my picture. My family and YH always said I looked like PIG coz I sleep a lot. Ha ha......But PIG not cute meh. I find pig very cute. The nose and the curly tail......hee hee. Finally I found one nice PIG picture. I snap the picture of the pink pig that my parents gave to me when I m in my secondary school. You can view it if you go to My Profile. The pig kinda like me. Got sweat kan cheong and blur blur.....

Specially dedicate this pig to YH today. It has already been A year since you bring this pig back to your house :)............the pig adorable leh..........

Monday, May 5, 2008

Still having problem :(

I m back at BW already. While I m at Ipoh, YH and I went to eat the Wantan Mee that he loved. Took some photos and thought of uploading it here but too bad I m still having trouble uploading those photos although I have tried to make the size smaller. I still couldn't see the 'Done' button :(. The mee is nice. Thought of recommending it here.....hmmm.....nvm..will upload it someday when I get a chance to use other comp later. Too bad....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A cocktail of fruits and vegetables (Continued....)

A while ago, I blogged about the daily fruits and vege juice that I have been drinking. Wanted to post the pictures but too bad I encountered problem. Today I m at Ipoh and have the chance to use another computer. So, here are some of the pictures........see the end result juice.....nice or not?

Fresh From Refrigerator

Ready for the juicer


Now this is the sien part, gotta wash

Hee hee, will be reducing the amount of fruits and vege in future :)