Monday, October 13, 2008


It was raining heavily when I reached home. I looked around and found that I have nothing to eat for dinner. Not sure where to go when it was raining cats and dogs outside. So I made my mind. Pick up the phone and call for pizza delivery.

Guess the queue is long and I waited for some time before it was my turn to place my order :

Call center person : Hi, how may I help you?
Me : Oh, Hi, I want to order a delivery.
Call center person : Oh, ok. May I have your phone number, please?
Call center person : Thanks. May I have your name please?
Call center person : Oh. Ok. Hold one for a moment....
And the line went dead.......tututututututu....
Me : Huh?????? I haven't place my order!!!!!!!! And you ask me to hold on and???????

Hmm........At that point, I really thought of eating something else but my stomach growled, was pleading to have mercy.....I craved for Pizza, something I have been planning to eat even before I left work that day. Oh well, I will call again.

Yeh...This time it was successful. Though I need to repeat everything I said previously to the first call centre person, but at least I would be getting my much anticipated pizza later that day :). This call centre person told me that if my pizza did not arrive in 30 minutes from the time I ordered (7:50pm), I will get coupon and a free regular pizza.

I was waiting anxiously, looking at the clock ticking away. Not that I wanted that free regular pizza but my stomach was really playing an 'orchestra'. When the clock strike 8:20pm, I really thought I am going to get that free pizza anyway when suddenly 'Ding Dong'......and YES, when I opened the door, I saw 2 uncles holding my soon-to-be dinner :) :) :). They were soaking wet though they had rain coat on. I thanked them and gave them a considerable good tip :). They told me that tonight's order were plenty, probably due to the rain. I kinda pity them but I guess to them, that is their job.

Seafood Delight

Veggie Fiesta
So I munched away in delight that night. Really satisfying. Yummy.........


Akira 思胜 said...

Not bad service oh! Hehe...

Titan said...

Service quite good ar...

I will try it next time...

but, i will call when storm come, taufan come, flood at my place...

Hope i can have a free pizza too!

LZ said...

Hahaha..perhaps in the 1st call, they were just putting u on waiting?

And wow, the seafood delight looks so tempting!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Quite some time didn't eat pizza liao...

maybe the first call, they accidentally cut it off...

Kikey Loo said...

feel bad for those delivery guys...

Ailecgee said...

Those pizza photo makes me crave for some. Perhaps I'll call for delivery too. But I will do it later this afternoon coz it's only 4am now and hasn't gone to sleep yet.
Btw, I have an award for you. Please get it if you have time. Take care PL!

Chobits said...

Ohh piggy~~You are torturing me, i am hungry now waiting to go home to eat my mum's cooking.
Ohnoooo~my stomach goraning, my boss is in front, your fault ar..T^T But i prefer Pizza Hut hehe~

K3ViN said...

i no an domino pizza fan... i mostly will order pizza hut lor :P but very seldom lor :P

Constance Chan said...

haven't had Domino's for decades! but i love California 2 for 1 now... don't like Pizza Hut..

Anne said...

O.o~~~ domino pizza? sini tak lak~~ but the look is kinda TASTY!!!!!how much neh?? compare wif pizza hut?? ^^

hi hi~~ left my footprint~~~ =)

天狼星 Ivanov said...

how can u do dat on me!!!!

u din invite me.. sob.. i love steamboat, im crazy on pizza..

so nex time, remember me. lol!

Titan said...

i heard that pizza hut at piramid one... all non-bumi need to pay the tax and bumi not need to do so..

Is this true??? i heard from alot friends liao

so i seldom go to eat pizza hut for this matter

alvincheng said...

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This is my fren's site.
If free, drop by and spread the news to ur frens, thx thx.
how u doing lately?

Mei-Wah said...

sigh, it's their job, and they sacrificed themselves to bring happiness to all of us. :) Domino's pizza (in my opinion) are much more delicious than Pizza Hut's. :) what do you think?

Tze Lin said...

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Aly Musyafa' said...

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Aly Musyafa' said...

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