Monday, October 13, 2008


It was raining heavily when I reached home. I looked around and found that I have nothing to eat for dinner. Not sure where to go when it was raining cats and dogs outside. So I made my mind. Pick up the phone and call for pizza delivery.

Guess the queue is long and I waited for some time before it was my turn to place my order :

Call center person : Hi, how may I help you?
Me : Oh, Hi, I want to order a delivery.
Call center person : Oh, ok. May I have your phone number, please?
Call center person : Thanks. May I have your name please?
Call center person : Oh. Ok. Hold one for a moment....
And the line went dead.......tututututututu....
Me : Huh?????? I haven't place my order!!!!!!!! And you ask me to hold on and???????

Hmm........At that point, I really thought of eating something else but my stomach growled, was pleading to have mercy.....I craved for Pizza, something I have been planning to eat even before I left work that day. Oh well, I will call again.

Yeh...This time it was successful. Though I need to repeat everything I said previously to the first call centre person, but at least I would be getting my much anticipated pizza later that day :). This call centre person told me that if my pizza did not arrive in 30 minutes from the time I ordered (7:50pm), I will get coupon and a free regular pizza.

I was waiting anxiously, looking at the clock ticking away. Not that I wanted that free regular pizza but my stomach was really playing an 'orchestra'. When the clock strike 8:20pm, I really thought I am going to get that free pizza anyway when suddenly 'Ding Dong'......and YES, when I opened the door, I saw 2 uncles holding my soon-to-be dinner :) :) :). They were soaking wet though they had rain coat on. I thanked them and gave them a considerable good tip :). They told me that tonight's order were plenty, probably due to the rain. I kinda pity them but I guess to them, that is their job.

Seafood Delight

Veggie Fiesta
So I munched away in delight that night. Really satisfying. Yummy.........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Steamboat Buffet (Town Steamboat Restaurant)

Oh, where have I been missing :)? Actually I am still here at PG but was always tired after a full day of work and recently I have been trying to cook after work too. So when I am done for the day, it will be almost time to Zzzzzzz.

But am so happy. When I login, I still find fellow bloggers and dear friends who visited and left messages behind :). Thank you.

Well, the other day, YH took me to town to try out this buffet steamboat. When we reached, I was so surprised to see so so so so so many people. I see a sea of people there. Queuing up for their food, checking out new food etc etc.....

A huge place with so many people
Well, there were so many things to choose from. Dim Sum, Bak Kut Teh, vegetables, fish balls, seafood, marinated seafood, ice cream etc etc. So, if you think you are really hungry today and have a craving for all the food available for steamboat, do try out this outlet at Macalister Road.
A wide range of vegetables
Tomyam and clear soup
Satay anyone? many people
Fish balls (so many of them)
Nuggets, Fries, Fried wanton?? Anything you like?

Dim Sum
Well, wanna try this out? Tried it before and wish to try again? The price? Well, this was a brochure I found (the price list). Not sure if there is any changes so far :)........