Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is for you.....

Here’s a post about a simple lady,
Trying her hand at writing a story.

On the blog, Nuffnang's contest is seen visibly
Decided to try out, hopefully it's worthy.

First, from Realmart, I have to select a gift,
Then to decide whom shall I give.

Scratching my head almost the whole day,
Through endless choices, I searched my way,
Finally, Emergency Light, the gift that made my day

Dedicate it to dragon, a true friend I treasure,
Whose friendship no one can ever measure,
For he shines like a jewel during the darkest night,
Making every moment, every second ever so bright.

So, my fellow bloggers, what are you waiting for,
Click on Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest and check out more.

P/S : I want to take this opportunity to thanks dragon for introducing me to the world of blogging. From here, I got a chance to know lots of wonderful blogger friends........YES, it's YOU. To all of you, thanks for your continuous support :)......


Akira 思胜 said...

Blogging world is simply marvelous! Hehe... Dragon so syok lar, got gift wor...

Dragon said...

akira, u cannot be jealous here la... no choice la... i know her quite long time already. hahaha. she is my good friend. :)

thanks ya... for the emergency light. but hor, am i shine like a jewel?? hmmmm....

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Now only i know got such contest

Piggy said...

akira : happy to be able to blog :)

dragon : ha ha time my house got no electricity, you come and help to give me ur shine, ok?

jerome : ya ya, can try your luck also ar....:)

Anne said...

.................dun understand....=.="

jepunlauee said...

nice torch lucky..hehe

Somewhere in Singapore said...

For me, i have to thank Akira, if not for Akira, i won't have know u folks...

Chobits said...

Wa!Congrats to Dragon, how he got the emergency light? You mean you took part in nuffnang contest then you won an emergency light for Dragon? Dragon so lucky~ =)Piggy, you are great in writing poem, it's smooth when i read it! XD

Piggy said...

Anne : Which part that u dun understand?

jepunlauee : hee hee, special emergency light. Got fan somemore :)

somewhere in spore : yeh, we all have someone to thank for :)

chobits : Thanks. Oh, nolar Dragon won't get the emergency light. Just that for this contest, we need to choose a gift from Realmart site and then write whom u want to give it to and why....if they find that u r creative, then have chance win e-vouchers lor....

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