Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Olympic

Been quite busy trying to pick up my jobs / tasks again after all these months. My colleagues and boss have been really helpful so far. But still, there are a lot of pending tasks to be completed.......tired......:)

Ok, not to focus on job today. There is another event which is much much more important and attention grabing going on. Yeh, the 2008 Olympic that falls on 08.08.08. I believe there are a lot of people who are watching the live telecast of the opening ceremony. I m one of them, updating my blog and watching the telecast at the same time. Keep this post simple, saw and learned the following from Dragon's blog. He will always try to grab the Google's logo whenever there are special occasions / festivals. I saw one today, none other than the one that represents 2008 Olympic, hosted by China :).


Constance Chan said...

I watched the opening ceremony last night. very grand and colourful. Love Sarah Brightman singing mostly.

LimZhi said...

i watched the opening ceremony too! love the moment when li ning ran in the air to light up the graceful!

Isaac said...

i didnt watch the complete opening ceremony oo..

juz bcoz the tv station is soooooo good in broadcasting the show..

Piggy said...

constance : was really beautiful :)....amazing.

LZ : Hey, I liked that part also. So special.......

Isaac : Thanks for visiting my site :). It is ok, at least you can watched some of them....

Anne said...

O.O i didnt watch finish neh!!!
cuz too sleepy.........>.<"

Dragon said...

u copied me!

Piggy said...

dragon : no lar. I learned from you lar. But then nowadays the logo change daily lor...nice :)

Piggy said...

anne : yalor...the telecast went till late at night. But really nice right?

BeverLy's Secret said...

Cute cute!!! I do no have time for Olympics :'(

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