Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cisco Certification

IT is the field that I selected when I first consider to further my study. Why did I select this subject? It was mainly because during that time, this subject was really well-known and I know that there are a lot of career opportunities for those IT graduates. With technologies advancement, almost all companies are running with the help of computers, be it for documentation or in house applications specifically for the company.

There are a lot of subjects that you can learn from IT. It could be hardware, software, networking, database etc. In the market itself, you can come across various types of IT related jobs. You could be an IT programmer, system analyst, network analyst, server or database administrator.

Being in a job dealing with IT myself, I found that having a degree in IT alone is not enough. The technology is advancing everyday, thus we need to find a way to keep ourselves updated with the latest IT information. One of the ways is thru training and certification.

So where can you look for those certification? Try visiting Cisco and learn more on how you can get Cisco certification. This site offers you various certifications related to IT, from entry to specialist. You can select whichever subjects that you are interested, whether it is related to your current job or for future career advancement. Having equipped yourself with the knowledge you get from Cisco certification, you will bring more values to the organization that you are currently working with and you may stand a bigger chance in getting the job you want from prospective employers.

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