Monday, April 28, 2008

Uneventful Yesterday

Since I still can't upload pictures to this blog, so gotta be satisfied to be able to online and put things into words. Better than nothing eventhough I know pictures will make it more colourful and interesting :)

Yesterday was scary for me. Actually felt tired for the last few days already. But will be ok after getting some rest. But yesterday the moment I woke up, feel that something was not right. Stomachache. I was in the toilet when I realized I hardly can breathe. Quickly came out and found myself breathing hard. Manage to see myself in the mirror and found that my lips turned white. Then I could feel everything around me is black. Managed to open my eyes and I could only see the rays of light that came in thru the glass door in the living room and all the black dots reflected from the floor. Quickly sit down and found myself sweating profusely. My father was asking me something which I could hardly find the strength to answer. Mom was asking me to do something in the kitchen and I was only able to wave my hand. Didn't want to alert them so I just sat quietly on the living room and trying to breath - hard. Could feel my shirt was wet due to the sweat. Luckily after a few minutes, I m ok and the sweating reduced as well. But still feel tired, shortness of breath and my back ache for a while. Anyway, things gradually became better by evening except for my stomach. Told YH about it and he said there could be few reasons. One, I don't have enough oxygen or my hemoglobin is low. I know one of the side effects is lower hemoglobin count but I have never encountered this previously. Although I did had shortness of breath but not to this extend. It was a Sunday so am not able to call the Dr also. Anyway, will ask him on my next visit. I m not sure if it was due to something that I have eaten.

Anyway, today I m feeling good. Try to do things slowly instead of rushing eg walking slowly. Getting up from sitting position slowly. Eating and drinking slowly (slower than normal if possible) etc. And I just had my favourite fish for lunch. Thought of taking the picture and posting it here but too bad. Anyway, there is a story that my father told me about the fish. Will update it here someday :)


Dragon said...

aiyo, so kia lang..... u better take care ya.... make me worried nia...

not sure why u still cannot upload photo. with photo is better la.... now only black and white, very dull.

Piggy said...

Thanks! Thanks!. Now a lot more better liao.

I dunno leh. I cannot see the 'Done' button so I assume IE got problem again lor.