Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Vishu

There is a Sikh temple situated opposite of my grandparents' house. Today I saw a lot of people there. Those walking in and those inside the temple wore beautiful dresses. I saw ladies with colourful dress walking around and chanting happily with one another. Then I realized, the place looked so merry today because today is Tamil New Year.

Whenever I see people celebrating certain festivals, I always think about Chinese New Year. Though I feel that as I grow older, CNY may not be as merry as when I were a kid, but still I enjoy the preparation that was done before the actual day and also the public holiday that comes with it. I enjoy taking my parents to shop for goodies while listening to the CNY songs being belted out in the air, going to market to buy various type of food for steamboat (though I hate the price hike during that time) and planning with my mom on what to cook during CNY. But this year is quite different for me. I didn't go out and I miss those shopping that I have always loved. Probably next year, I can makeup for all those fun that I may have missed out :).

Anyway, for all Tamil folks out there, Happy Vishu......... :)


Dragon said...

you should bring camera and take some photos and show us mar.... if not all writing, a bit boring. wakakakakaka. :p

Piggy said...

Haha. U r very fast leh. I;ve just posted this piece leh.
Yalor, I also find that I should have taken a pic, really colourful. Ok, next time will do that :)

Dragon said...

see, that's why i change my phone to 5Mp camera phone. i want to take photos for my blog! hahaha.

Piggy said...

Wait lar. If got money, then can lor. If not, then record it in brain first.