Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Have problem with Freckle? Dark-spot?

My mom told me that some aunties from our neighbourhood told her that egg white is good to clear dark-spot and freckle. They basically apply egg white on their face that have those spots daily and let it dry before cleaning their face with water. I guess they are using it like mask. Those aunties also claim that they see significant improvement on their face after trying this method. They were complimenting on each others face actually. But am not sure where they learn this method from.

Well, I do have freckle on my face but I m not sure if I m convince enough to try this method. Mom asked me if I want to give it a try. Well, you wanna try? If you dare then try it on your own risk (no gurantee). But if you do see improvement, then tell me :)


Dragon said...

hahaha, u try la...... why ask others to try?

Piggy said...

Ha ha ha......ok if I try then I will update the blog what is the outcome ok?

Dragon said...

ok ok. let me know mar... then i also can use... to make my face more handsome. wakakaka.