Thursday, April 17, 2008

A cocktail of fruits and vegetables

My colleagues presented me with a juicer before I start to go on leave :). At first, the juicer was only used to produced drink that consist of celery and green apples. Then we also try with oranges and carrot. All of them taste great. We then try to mix celery, green apples, oranges and carrot together. The taste is good too.

Soon my parents begin to join me to drink the juice. That is when we begin to put more variety of fruits and vege into the juicer. I heard and read that beet is good. So we begin to add beet. Earlier I used to eat raw cucumber but now we put it into the juicer too. Initially mom is a bit worried if putting all different types of fruits and vegetables will do me good, so on my visit to the hospital, I consulted the Dr. He said it is ok and actually asked me when I started to practice drinking healthy juice. I told him since I got sick. Well, he smiled and said, people don't usually take care of their health until they get true (as in my case). He actually suggested to put in ginger and garlic as well.

So, for one serving now, we actually put in green apple, red apple, carrot, celery, cucumber (occasionally), kiwi, orange, beet, tomato, bitter gourd (that is for my father). If you ask me what is it like, I will tell you, it's tasty and fresh. The latest addition is ginger (started today). But mom put in too much, so it tastes spicy. Gotta reduce it tomorrow.

Wish I can take the photos and publish here. I try to upload one someday. I m still a bit skeptical about garlic, not that I doubt the good things it can do to our body, but I m not sure if we can stand the smell. Hmm............


Dragon said...

wah.... u seem to dump many fruits and vege inside the mixer wor.... yes la, must take care our health mar... very important. wait until sick liao will be a little bit late already. now im sure u know this theory very very well.

Piggy said...

Ya ya. Everyone also gotta take care of health ar...u also take care yar.