Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleepy Zzzzz

Have not been able to online for the whole day until now. Just came back from parents' home since I gotta visit the Dr tomorrow. I have now so many questions to ask him and mom keep reminding me just now.

Anyway, feel very sleepy now. Suppose to sleep after unpacking, but still wanna update my blog so login and post a short one.

Hope everything is ok tomorrow.


Dragon said...

tomorrow will be a better day. good luck ya...... for the time being, just stay happy, dont think too much. if sad, then write in your blog lo.... u will be happier.

i think i will introduce your blog soon in my blog. hahaha, ai mai? then more people come to read, maybe. i cannot promise there will be lots of people visiting your site, but at least i try. :)

Piggy said...

Thanks a lot yar. Wanna post more picture so will not looked so boring right? Want want, got free promotion..want. But later when u think it is better, then can promote already. Doesn't matter if not many but really appreaciate your help.