Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pan Mee

Do u like pan mee? I know a lot of people loved to go to the Pan Mee stall near Bukit Jambul as it is quiet well-known.

Yesterday, when I was at hospital, I told the nurse I do not want to take hospital's food (I m being warded) so I told her I wanted to go out for lunch and will be back before my scheduled appointment. She allowed since I have already informed the Dr earlier and he said ok. After signing a form, YH took me to eat Pan Mee. Actually it is one of his favourites also but he liked Pan Mee where the noodle is being manually pinch piece by piece to be cooked rather than the normal ones that was put into a small machine.

Kinda of hard to find those in PG but he found one at Yee Hong. The Pan Mee is delicious also.


chocolate said...

looks good! eh, try sending few of the dinner pics over la. send in few mails lor & to my yahoo.

So, how's 1st treatment?

Piggy said...

Ok lar, try send lar. I try to make it smaller see can or not lar.

The 1st treatment not yet started. Will start this Monday. Yesterday only planning and simulation and tattooing only....

jepunlauee said...

wow,first time ,I know about "pan Mee".How does it taste like?

Piggy said...

Jepunlauee : Hello hello...thanks for visiting.

Pan Mee is nice. The soup is made of anchovies and the noodle is flour and egg. U should try it when u r back to Malaysia.

Have added ur link :). Care to add mine? :)