Friday, May 9, 2008

My Adorable Mom

My mom was watching a Hong Kong movie on the tv while I m surfing when we had the conversation below today:

Mom : Ling, who is this guy liao ar? (refering to one of the actors in the movie)
Me moving the chair near the TV to catch a glimpse of the actor she is referring to...
Me : Oh, that is Bosco Wong.
Mom : Oh....Bosco Wong.
Me : Got gossip saying that he is going out with Myolie Wu.
Mom : I thought she goes out with Moses Chan?
Me : No lar, that one is Bernice Liu lar. I m saying Myolie Wu....
Mom : Oh..ya ya....mayonese
Me : No lar, Myolie lar.
Mom : Yalar...mayonese lar.......

Well, that was a conversation before lunch. Probably mom hungry kut...but then she never like mayonese wor...... :)


Dragon said...

haha, your mum as funny as usual. who is that moses chan and bernice liu?

Piggy said...

ha ha....chan ho and liu pek yi lor....