Thursday, June 5, 2008

Instant Koay Teow Soup (KTS)

A lot have been told about Penang's food. PG has long been well-known for its splendid food. Though we are talking about PG, but mostly it will concentrate on the island food. Few have been mentioned about mainland food, yes, Butterwoth's food. My hometown is Butterworth and I can tell you that there are plenty of nice food at Butterworth too :). I will try to recommend BW food as much as possible.

First let me introduce this well-known instant KTS at BW (at Raja Uda). Though KTS is just a normal food but I have got to say that I am really impress with the progress of this KTS shop that I know of. My family and I have been a frequent customer to this shop. When we were little, mom used to take us to its humble stall not far from where it is today. From that small stall, it progressed to 2 shop lots and recently, the owner extended its shop further to another lot which is equipped with air cond. Imagine this, 3 shop lots and most of the time, it is full with customers who are there to sample a simple instant KTS.

When we went there last Sunday, we have gotta wait for our table!!. Though they have added some side dishes to their menu eg lobak, vege, fried squid etc but still the main attraction and meal of the day is KTS.
One of the side dishes : Kong Chiang (Not sure what to call in English but it is a Teow Chew delicacies. A type of kuih with nuts.)

They have their own uniform and have changed it recently. See a bunch of people in blue with hat at the back? That is their uniform

The cleanliness of this shop is graded as 'A' by the municipal.


Kikey said...

i seldom go to B'worth and eat one. next time when i go back Malaysia, maybe u can take me to B'worth makan!! :)

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

If i go there, i will try the
Kong Chiang! kekke.

jepunlauee said...

adoi,my saliva dripping liao....
thanks for sharing this information..piggy..

Anne said...

BOoooooooo........i cant view the picture~~ haha~ my saliva didnt droping~^^ but sounds good & tasty o~~ but my heart still replay tis word----->I WAN TO GO PENANG EAT GOOD FOOD!!!!!!!>.<

Piggy said...

Kikey : Sure sure. Find that people living in PG seldom go to BW but people living in BW will go to PG island often :)

Jeromefo : When I first tasted it (kong chiang), I dun like it. But the more I had it, the more I liked it. Acquired taste for me :)

jepunlauee : quick quick, give me the pail. If not drip too much, later banjir :).....hee hee...

Anne : :). U from Perak right? Ipoh food also nice one wor...I like Ipoh food also :)